Bubble bird hatching features

• Super easy to pick up and play.

• Over 10 levels! New levels added every week.

• Regular updates with fun seasonal themes.

• With different level types, you’ll never get bored.

• Beautiful graphics and animations. Everything is bursting with color!

• Bird hatching many bubbles in a row to unlock special bubbles with unique benefits.

• Complete daily challenges for special bonuses.

• Complete achiverment for special bonuses.

• Play as and guest characters with their own special pops.

• Use Boosters when you need a helping hand.

• Launch the game every day to get daily reward.

• Participate events to receive attractive gifts.

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Bubble bird hatching story

The Bubble bird hatching in an extra addictive bubbleshooter bursting with an nearly endless supply of challenges! Pull off trick shots and bird hatching streaks to activate special bubble with unique powers. Those special bubbles will come in handy when you’re rescuing the utterly adorable Hatchlings across the winding level map.

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